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9-130 Gallons per Day


The A-Series “AeroWell” is an all-in-one solution for extracting clean and safe drinking water from the natural moisture in the air with a daily production capacity ranging between 9-130 gallons per day. Its modular and scalable design allows it to meet the requirements of a vast range of applications. With a wide range of options and configurations to choose from, the AeroWell is simply the top choice for a safe and reliable atmospheric water system.



  • Home & Office
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Processes
  • Remote & Off-Grid
  • Recreation
  • Construction
  • Disaster Relief
  • Public Institutions



  • 5 Stage Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Treatment
  • Mineralization for Drinking Water
  • Optional Water Chiller
  • Modular & Scalable Design
  • Integrated Automation
  • Optional Touch Screen Controls
  • Periodic Water Recirculation
  • 10 Gallons Internal Storage
  • Optional Expandable Storage
  • 1 GPM Water Distribution
  • Various Dispensing Options

Performance & Specifications

Internal Storage 10 Gallons
Filtration Method 4 Stage Filtration
Mineralization Included
Operating Temperature 5 °C – 37 °C
% Recovery 99.9%
Distribution Flow 1 GPM
UV Treatment Included
Air Filter MERV 11 or 13

Production Rates @ 80 °F (26 °C) & 60% RH

Production Voltage Power Efficiency
 7-10 GPD 110-120 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 680 Watts 0.63 Gallons/kWh
 13-15 GPD 110-120 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 540 Watts 0.94 Gallons/kWh
 20-23 GPD 110-120 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 920 Watts 0.92 Gallons/kWh
 30-33 GPD 220-240 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 1500 Watts 0.77 Gallons/kWh
 50-52 GPD 208-230 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 1565 Watts 1.14 Gallons/kWh
 70-75 GPD 220-240 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 2700 Watts 1.00 Gallons/kWh
 100-130 GPD 220-240 VAC, 1 ϕ, 60 Hz 5500 Watts 0.82 Gallons/kWh


Available Configurations


Local Faucet

A gooseneck spout is installed on the system and eliminates field plumbing.


Bottle Filler

A water bottle dispenser is mounted on the front of the unit. Ideal for bottle filling in public areas.


External Faucet

A gooseneck spout is installed externally, usually at a sink with a drain. Some field plumbing is required.


Outdoor Ductable

The unit can be ducted to pull air from the outdoors and the dry air can be directed back outside. This optimizes system efficiency.


External Tank

An external tank allows for expandable water storage. Some field plumbing is required.


Fountain + Bottle Filler

A fountain unit including a bottle filler is mounted to the front of the system. This eliminates field plumbing and is ideal for use in public areas.

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