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Atmospheric Water Generation Systems


Hydrosphair’s atmospheric water systems are the top choice for business and commercial applications. Our scalable, flexible, and modular product ranges are set to meet any customer requirements.

With heavy investment in R&D, we are continuously improving the technology of our water generation systems, setting the benchmark in the industry. Our technology is recognized for its robustness, reliability and energy efficiency. All Hydrosphair atmospheric water systems can be coupled with renewable energy sources or generators for 100% untethered and decentralized water production.


Atmospheric Water System


The H Series is an autonomous solution for extracting safe and reliable drinking water from the natural moisture in the air with a daily production capacity of 20 gallons up to 100 gallons under optimal temperature and humidity levels. It features a 7″ touch screen display for easy control and monitoring.


Containerized / Portable Atmospheric Water System


The C Series water generators are the ideal choice for situations where quick deployment or portability is required. Available in both cargo trailer or container configurations, the C Series are best suited for outdoor operation and can distribute purified water to your desired point of use.


Atmospheric Water Fountain


The atmospheric water fountain is the first of its kind in the industry. By harnessing the natural moisture from the surrounding air, it can produce up to 9 gallons of water per day and features a 6 gallon internal storage tank.

Custom Atmospheric Water Solutions


We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers’ requirements are fulfilled. If your organization has unique or specific requirements, we can work with you to design and develop a solution that will meet your needs.

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