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Atmospheric Water Fountain


9 Gallons/Day


The atmospheric water fountain is the first of its kind in the industry. By harnessing the natural moisture from the surrounding air, it can produce up to 9 gallons of water per day and features a 6 gallon internal storage tank. Requiring only an electrical connection, the D Series atmospheric water fountain is best suited for public drinking water in areas of business, municipal grounds, or local communities.



  • Business/ Office
  • Municipal Grounds
  • Local Communities



  • Integrated Automation
  • Ultraviolet Treatment
  • 6 Gallons Internal Storage
  • 1 GPM Water Distribution

System Specifications

Net Production Rate
    Gallons (GPD) @ 26 °C & 60% RH 9 GPD
    Liters (LPD) @ 26 °C & 60% RH 34 LPD
Internal Storage 6 Gallons
Purification Rate 100 GPD
Purification Method 5 Stage RO
4 Stage Alkaline Mineralization Optional
Water Chiller Optional
Distribution Flow (Gallons per Minute) 1 GPM
UV Treatment Optional
Air Filter MERV-13
Power Consumption 1.69 kW
Current Draw 10.6 A
Energy Efficiency 0.98 L/kWh
Feed Supply Voltage 120 VAC – 1 Phase – 60 Hz

Key Features


9 Gallons/Day

The D Series water generation condensers can produce up to 9 gallons of water per day & are the most energy efficient in the industry.


Internal Storage

A 6 gallon internal storage tank keeps purified water ready and available for use.


Bottle Filler

Integrated bottle filler which activates via proximity sensor.


Fountain Dispenser

Local dispenser capable of distributing at a rate of 1 GPM.


100 GPD Filtration

5 stage water filtration including reverse osmosis with optional 4 stage alkaline mineralization & UV treatment.

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